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What is the need to have a healthy life?

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There is a famous quote, “health is wealth” earning money is the next thing, and if we are free from disease conditions it is the biggest wealth we can earn in our life. Anyone can earn money at any time, but once we failed to maintain our body it leads to many health issues. Whatever we earn it’s nothing worth in front of an unhealthy body. To lead a happy life, we need not have money healthy body is enough. That’s why most people prefer to be healthy. A healthy person can be happy and active throughout the day. Can you imagine an unhealthy life? How it will be? Of course not, we need to always move to hospital and home. It won’t give peace of mind; it will create stressed life as well as we feel a lot of depression too. Our family members will also feel worried about our health, it spoils their minds too. So, to maintain the whole family everyone in the home should be healthy and follow the proper diet to maintain them. 

What are the types of foods we can consume to maintain our body?

There are many types of food we can consume daily to maintain our body. Food is the most important thing to maintain a healthy and fit body. Whatever physical activities we may do, but food plays a major role in it. Without physical activities also people can be healthy. We need to include a protein diet like cheese, butter, egg, fish, paneer, etc., daily in our food. Then the fiber is the second important thing we need to add to our food, it makes the food digest easily and our bowel movements will get easy. Vitamins and other sources are found in fruits, nuts, and pulses. Daily we should consume two kinds of vegetables as well as one kind of season fruit. Non-veg items can be taken twice a week, by regularly following this will give us healthy body and we should calculate the amount of calorie we took daily. Beyond the level will be always dangerous to us. 

What kind of habits we can avoid in our daily routine?

Maintain the body not only includes a healthy diet and physical activities, but we also need to avoid some habits too. They are 

    • People should avoid smoking and consuming alcohol because it lowers our immune system a lot and we can easily attract by many diseases.
    • Processed foods, cool drinks, tinned juices need to be avoided completely because it stores fat in our body. 
    • The irregular sleeping pattern needs to be avoided because it will slow down the functioning of our body and leads to stroke.
    • Improper consumption of foods will lead to many health issues such as pressure, diabetes, etc.,
    • We should not avoid doing physical activities because we should burn some calories daily or else it will lead to obesity.
    • We should not lead our body to be dehydrated because it is the major cause of all kinds of health issues. 

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