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Protect Yourself With Approved KN95 Masks

NIOSH-approved KN95 masks filter up 95% of particles and allow a 8% leakage. KN95 masks offer a greater protection than surgical masks and can protect up to 95% against infection. They should be changed every few uses because the filters can eventually fail, allowing some contaminants to leak through. Protect yourself against the flu by purchasing a KN95 approved mask from

KN95 masks have woven fibers which are both breathable but thick enough to trap bacteria and viruses. According to the CDC N95 masks should only be worn indoors. They are an effective means of protecting employees from COVID and other airborne diseases.

They permit 8% or less leakage

Although both the KN95 mask and KN94 masks look similar, the KN95 version is more efficient and has greater filtration. It is also designed to fit snugly and prevent leakage. Both masks filter at least 95%, with the exception of the hardest particles which range from 0.1 to 0.33 microns in size. Because they are tight fitting, they allow for less leakage. This is important as a poorly fitting mask can allow for infectious particles to escape from the face seal.

They are better than surgical masques

These masks have many advantages: they can be washed, breathable, and are affordable. They can be stylish and more economical than disposable masks. They are also more durable than disposable masks which must be thrown away once they get dirty. According to MIT, the Covid-19 pandemic caused 7,200 tons of medical waste per day according to a recent study.

They should be replaced after every wear.

The most important thing when it comes to how to replace your KN95 Mask is its shape. If your mask is not fitting properly or is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. If the mask smells bad or doesn’t fit properly, replace it immediately. It should be replaced if it is dirty or loosening its shape. You can get a smaller size for a child who is larger than an adult.

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