Threats in setting up of electric vehicle charging point

Car Three-Dimensional Vehicle Shape Render View

Change is the only thing that never changes” almost every one of us might have come across the wordings. Yes, it’s true; change becomes a part of our life, every day we are finding new things in the market better than the old ones. It has not left the automotive industry too; the major transformation which has taken place in the automotive field is the introduction of electric vehicles (EV). Subsequently, the automotive industry lies in the victory of Electronic vehicles. Every nation is giving subsidies to the development charging points and initiates done in building the greener world.

The motor vehicle industry all over the continents is trying to raise sales of electric automobiles. The main drawback lies in the charging point. Like petrol stations for an ordinary vehicle with IC engines, this EV requires the charging points to recharge its battery. Here are some points to showcase the features of infrastructure that are considered as hard to build up. 

High initial cost

The initial cost spent on building a charging facility is very huge and it varies with charger types to be used. For building up the EV charging point, a basic infra requirement has to be satisfied, and also searching the exact area and identifying the right vendor is also important. Various costs involved in EV charging setup are the cost involved for the area, transmission cables, and various supporting equipment. It also encloses the cost of electricity.

Since the charging environment involves higher costs, the only way to bring it to a profitable environment is by providing fast-charging facilities. Charging points to be located in the easily accessible point and DC charging is more beneficial than AC charging.

Complex protocols for charging

EV charging protocols should be suitable for a different types of charging units. If there is any incompatibility which will result in the mismatch of current, voltage, and frequency which may also increase the cost and complexity of the problem involved.

Voltage Fluctuations

More specialized technical knowledge is required for introducing EV charging points and it involves a greater risk of fluctuation in voltage, fault in the grounding, and drawing of over current. If there is any sudden fluctuation, it destroys more expensive components. There should also be sound filtering equipment.

Threats due to hardware and software

While designing an EV station for charging, the difficulties faced by the hardware as well as the software to be identified and addressed. It is a very imperative task to bring out hardware components to suit different protocols. The major drawback such as transfer of heat, insulation, earthing, measuring voltage, and power are to be rectified.

The software plays a major role in charging, it should allow only to charge when certain conditions are satisfied. The greatest job of software is to identify the protocol that suits the eclectic vehicle.

Hence the problems in setting up an infrastructure for the Electric vehicles to get charged are discussed. It is the responsibility of the service provider to sort out or to find out some solutions before setting the charging point.