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In order to promote our products and services we rely on advertising as a tool to connect with potential customers, likely if the promotion is done through digital media as like mobile phones, computers by using internet services like search engines, social media and mobile application is termed as Digital Marketing. Even it was provided through non-internet channels via television, mobile phones (SMS, MMS) and much more.

In Digital Marketing it is much easier to keep track of campaigns and fetch better results as consumers heavily rely on digital media. It is possible to raise brand awareness, through which one’s business can be placed at forefront.

A number of strategies can be said for increased brand awareness which in turn will be a focus on Digital Marketing.

    • Growth in online shopping
    • Digital means of interaction in customer behavior – A customer looks through the product review of a previous customer who have purchased the product or used the service earlier.
    • Use of social media and its influence.
    • Rating of the product.

Types of Digital Marketing

Content Marketing:

It approaches with a strategy, especially focuses on the specific and most relevant content the people need, it’s that simple. There by retains the audience and cost-effective method of Digital Marketing for small businesses.

Email Marketing:

Sending commercial Emails to targeted customers is termed as Email Marketing. Initially it emerged as an effective method, but later consumers began blocking with filters stating as spam.

Mobile Marketing:

Reaching the audience on their smart phones; some mobile apps allow business to include ads, provide targeted customers with accurate location sensitive information that in turn promotes the products and its services.

Video Marketing:

To promote our product and services we can use catchy videos to engage the audience, for better understanding of the product in order to catch user attention. Video Marketing is one of the best ways of Digital Marketing. When the video is watched a greater number of times, there comes more engagement and it would lead to enough response from the targeted audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The main aim of Search Engine Optimization is to get a business in higher rank in Google search; in turn the traffic of the business’s site would be increased. Deploying a proper keyword is the important thing to be followed in SEO marketing.


Pay-per-click is one of the recent times online marketing model. Here the advertiser so called the marketer pays a publisher when the video or image ad is clicked. Clicks are a method to measure interest and attention of the consumer.

Finally, it could be said that Digital marketing as much more advantages than a conventional way of Marketing.Pay-per-click:

Cost-effective, High returns from minimum investment, Easy to monitor, it’s quick and easy to adjust according the targeted audience, Possible to build brand reputation, it’s simple and easy to share the campaigns with many followers thereby enormously increase the sales of the product and services. This kind of digital marketing method used to we can promote our business.

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