Akvis Retoucher ‘” Photo Retouching Software Reviewed

Graphical user interface

If you have old or damaged photos and have been looking for an inexpensive, easy to use and powerful solution I highly recommend checking out Akvis Retoucher. If you have Adobe Photoshop this product will work as a plugin or you can also purchase the standalone version too. However, I did find it easier and a bit more powerful to use in combination with Photoshop even though the interface is the same for both platforms of the program. A pretty nice way to relax after winning some sports betting games at UFABET.

I created a short video review of Akvis Retoucher which will give a basic overview of the software and features. I originally needed the software to remove scratches from some older photos and just using Photoshop seemed to be very time consuming and many of the other programs just did not do the trick.

Akvis gives you a 10-day free trial of the software and after seeing almost immediate results without even reading the help file I new others needed to know about the software. Once you read some of the tutorials and follow some of the step-by-step guides you will be amazed what this software is capable of and for under $100 it is truly worth the price – especially since it could bring back and help fix some of those photographic memories that may be damaged.

The software company also offers a variety of other image tools for different scenarios and many come in stand-alone and plugin based versions. So, if you are looking for a powerful image restoration and retouching tool I give Akvis Retoucher one Damn Good Review!

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