Adobe Illustrator CS4 – Software Review

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If you gave up on previous versions of the Adobe Illustrator because of the frustrating lack of multipage project capacity, Adobe Illustrator CS4 is here with that significant feature duly covered. Of course, that isn’t the only USP of the Adobe Illustrator CS4 but nevertheless, the ability to combine two sides of a document in one file will definitely make many designers who crossed over to CorelDraw, give the Adobe Illustrator CS4 a once over. To help support your passion, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via ONCAPAN.

Now, one thing to admit is that the implementation may not be all that we wanted. Adobe Illustrator CS3 had a crop tool that could define sections that could be imported to Acrobat and with the Adobe Illustrator CS4; these sections are like different pages that the company calls an Artboard. The advantage of Adobe Illustrator CS4’s ArtBoards is that you have a wide variety in your pickings when it comes to the size and type within a single document. Each ArtBoard on the Adobe Illustrator CS4 is numbered and will update itself to maintain sequence upon deletion of an ArtBoard. You can create perfect tiling prints with the Adobe Illustrator CS4 thanks to these Artboards which are heavily customizable.

But the Adobe Illustrator CS4’s ArtBoards are not perfect and they are not global, so all elements float on the page, being tied down only by coordinate locations on a page. You can, however, use a Move/Copy Artwork with the Adobe Illustrator CS4 by toggling between ArtBoards. If you wish to use CS3’s files with the Adobe Illustrator CS4 you will need a new ArtBoard for each and will have to manually drag and drop as there is no such feature or even the choice of a direct import of Artboard from a file (this is similar to Photoshop’s rare drawback of no options for creating a new file from clipboard).

If you are a graphic designer who plans on using the Adobe Illustrator CS4 for illustration you will love the new Blob brush which offers a sophisticated stroke blending by using erasures or combined strokes along a path. The Adobe Illustrator CS4’s new gradient widget could also win plaudits for creating/editing gradients on an interactive basis and matching up with CorelDraw by offering transparent and elliptical gradients.

Adobe Illustrator CS4 has really been upgraded in terms of many subtle enhancements and a better integration with Kuler. If you look at the long run, the Adobe Illustrator CS4’s ArtBoards are a wonderful feature that is definitely

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