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Sports Guide articles cover a wide range of sports topics. These articles may be written from the perspective of either a player or a spectator, and they often include quotes from both players and coaches. Sports Guide articles include information on the history and traditions of a specific sport, as they do about the performance of a team or a player in a certain game.

It can be difficult for your staff to keep track of the events that are available in your locality, with thousands of games being played every day. SportsTV Guide eliminates this inconvenience by listing all games available to you on a custom, easily-to-read Guide based on the local TV stations and providers. This eliminates having to search through clunky television guides on the screen or flip through newspaper to find what events are available. This makes the SportsTV Guide an invaluable tool for you as well as your guests.


In a world of sports where personalities are as important as the game itself, profiles can be a powerful storytelling device. These in-depth profiles can showcase the personality and character of an athlete or team, as well as a deeper level of knowledge about the sport itself.

For a good profile, you should spend some time interviewing the person. A journalist will often interview a coach or player outside for 20-30 minutes, or even longer, get some quotes and then go back to the office to write a story. A well-written bio takes time, but the reporter can really get to know what makes this person special.

This type of story can be a powerful way for sports journalists to really connect with their audience. It can also help to demonstrate the journalist’s passion and love for the sport they are covering. By showing the reader that the writer is passionate about the story and not just reporting on it to make money, they can gain the trust of their audience.

When writing a character profile, you should choose a scene to best describe the characteristic. This could be an interview after a game, a huddle during a match, or a practice session. Whether it is an in-depth look at an individual or the broader scope of a season preview or wrap up, finding the right scene can help to bring the article to life.

Multimedia content, like photos or video interviews, can also add depth to your profile. This is useful when profiles are written to promote a TV show or podcast. This type material can show your readers how you have approached a topic from different angles, and also your ability to communicate in various ways.

It can be difficult to keep up with all the sports action, especially when there are 50,000 games on thousands of channels. The SportsTV Guide solves this problem by listing the sports events available in an easy-to-read format. This Guide is customized to your location and the program providers. You will never again have to struggle with TV guides on screen or newspapers.

Soft Stories

While it might not have the same heart or soul as its predecessor, Sports Story does a solid job of fleshing out its environments. The retro aesthetic of Sports Story is beautifully executed and adds depth to its world.

What’s more, the game stretches its gameplay out to more than just golf, adding the likes of cricket, cycling and tennis. Tennis and BMX may be a departure from golf, which is more measured and calculating. However, they are still fun and feel fresh despite using different gameplay styles.

The writing in Sports Story also has its strong points. While certain jokes dragged out too long and the lack of voice acting can make it hard to tell what’s being said, the scripting here reasserts the original’s knack for imbuing its characters with personality. The text style and speech bubbles are used to great advantage here, giving players the feeling that they’re speaking directly to their teammates and coaches.

It’s a shame, then, that the same level of writing doesn’t extend to the rest of the game. The same sense of scouring the environment for things to trigger is repeated too often and little explanation is given to encourage this behavior. The early game’s focus on collecting different types of equipment in order to improve your golfing skills feels more like a necessary annoyance than something that will make you want to play the entire title.

Season Previews & Wrap-ups

Customized to your location and program providers, Sports Guide gives you the power to really know what’s on. You can choose to have your favorite teams appear at the very top of the guide or in bold. You can also view the Guide the way you want – by filtering sports, changing dates, or switching between them. This means your staff can focus on the guest experience and less time worrying about what’s on the TVs.

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