Few Hardest Sports in the World

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Every sports lover would have done the debate in deciding the hardest sports in the world, with our friends. We might have given our suggestions based on personal opinion. It may be like a person will don’t have physical flexibility and he will say gymnastics is the hardest sport, whereas a physically weak person will say boxing is the hardest sport and the list goes on. The difficulty level of every sport is calculated based on flexibility, endurance, strength, power, hand-eye coordination, speed, and many other essential sports qualities. Here we have stated such the hardest sports in the world, based on these sports qualities. To increase your speed and agility while working out prior to playing the game, you might want to wear breathable clothing like polo golf

Boxing and Wrestling

Boxing always tops the list of hardest sports. This is because, whenever you get into the ring, you are sure that you will have some injuries at the end of the game. This is one such sport that assures you of an injury right from the beginning. No one can step out of the boxing ring without any injury. To stay away from serious injury, the player should know to block the blows he receives from the opponent. This sport requires strength, tolerance, power, hand-eye coordination, and speed. The player should make quick decisions to block the blows from the opponent. At the same time, he should also be strong enough to make hard blows to the opponent, to save himself from the blows. The same qualities of a Boxer are needed for a Wrestler too. The right decisions taken at the right moment will help to win the game. A little mistake is enough to spoil the total game. If you are a big fan of the sport, there are lots of websites like where you can wager when big boxing event happens.


Rugby is the only sport that demands physical fitness as well as strength. The player should have high endurance and can knock their opponents down. Making the opponents move is like moving a wall and the player should possess more strength, power, and enduring capacity to win the game.

Football and Basketball

Football demands high stamina for the player. They should be able to run for 90 minutes with a fighting spirit. The players of football need to be fast as the other 11 players on the opponent are playing with the same power and spirit. A successful football player has good foot-eye coordination. Basketball players also need the same qualities as a footballer. Instead of foot-eye coordination, a basketball player needs high precision and good hand-eye coordination.

Alpine Skiing

Alpina Skiing is the sport that is played in the slopy areas. The player should sky down the slope or a snow-covered hill. The player must have mastered skiing skills to participate in Alpine Skiing. The player should ski from the top of the mountain. This sport needs great endurance to freeze cold. The player should make accurate timing and precession to have a safe landing. Alpine requires perfect timing and should have a high degree of precision of the slope length and distance. If any mistake is done in the timing and precision, the player will have to suffer from some disastrous injuries.

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